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Daves Punk Audio and Video Trading List

Live recordings

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live recordings

All the below live recordings are is lossless format(flac,wav,or shn)
999-keystone berkeley ca 3/10/80
alley cats-madame wongs la ca 11/22/78
avengers-whisky a gogo la ca 8/4/78
avengers winterland arena sf ca 1/14/78
bad brains-maxs kansas city 2/79
bad brains-cbgbs ny ny 2/25/81
bad brains club washington 4/29/82
bad brains-lion hearts guest spot 9/10/82
bad brains-old waldorf sf ca 10/20/82
bad brains-paradoso amsterdam 5/28/87
bad religion-the galaxy fullerton ca 10/31/82
bad religion-924 gilman st berkeley ca 12/17/88
bad religion-hollywood paladium la ca 2/1/91
battalion of saints-pico rivera ca 12/11/82
battalion of saints-champain il 10/26/85
beastie boys-cbgbs 11/20/82
big boys-landsburg cultural center wdc wa 9/23/83
black flag-odissa milan italy 2/22/83
black flag moterey ca 7/15/84
black flag-kent state univ 10/13/84
Blitz-100 club london 12/8/81
buzzcocks-finsbury park 7/28/96
channel three-cbgbs-ny ny 1/15/83
china white-stardust ballroom la ca 2/11/81
crucifix-6/25/82-the barn torrance ca (all 1 track)
dead kennedys-san diego ca 12/14/85
dead kennedys-central london poly 1981
dead kennedys-keystone berkley ca 7/23/81
dead kennedys-city gardens trenton nj 7/18/82
descendents-T-Bird Rollerdome  Pico Riviera, CA 1/13/83
descendents-11/2/82  Mabuhay Gardens  San Francisco,
descendents-6/26/86  The Metro  Chicago, IL
descendents-berkeley square berkeley ca 9/11/85
descendents-wabash hall san diego ca 9/14/85
descendents-6/87 norfolf va(could be 6/18/87  Pyramid  Richmond, VA
descendents-12/31/96  San Diego Sports Arena  San Diego, CA
descendents-1997 warped tour
die kreuzen-anthrax 83
die kreuzen-madison wi 1983
Die Kreuzen-starlite arena 8/16/85
discharge-club foot uk 5/8/82
exploited-planet x liverpool england 6/6/89
fear-hong kong cafe la ca 10/31/79
fear-elite club berkley ca-6/11/82
fear-the mall,lincoln memorial wdc 7/3/83
flipper-kalx fm berkeley ca 6/28/81
Flipper-the garage glasgow scotland 12/4/06
generation x-gibus club paris 10/19/77
generation x-electric ballroom london 12/20/78
germs-fleetwood redondo beach ca 4/26/80
jerry kids-wers radio boston ma 1/15/83
joan jett-cooper riverpark pennsauken nj 7/4/05
marky ramone and the spazzys 5/5/04
mike ness-coffee house acoustics 1992
mike ness berklee perf. cntr boston ma 99(2 disc set)
mike ness-live influences denver colo 99
mike ness hob hollywood 8/7/99(2 disc set)
mike ness-apc studios 1999
minor threat-6/11/81(includes circle jerks set as well)
minor threat-wilson center wdc 4/30/82
misfits-maxs kansas city 12/20/78
misfits-lodi nj 9/81
misfits-passaic nj 81
misfits-ny 9/12/81
misfits-ny 10/30/81
misfits-costa mesa ca 11/27/81
misfits-detroit mi 12/17/81
misfits-ny ny 3/27/82
misfits-citi club detroit mi 9/25/82
misfits-miami fl 82
misfits-finders lounge hallandale beach fl 10/19/82
misfits-wdc 82
misfits-boston ma 3/20/83
misfits-p.u.n.k.x. #4 la ca 4/8/83
misfits-santa monica ca 6/11/83
misfits-detroit mi 10/29/83
professionals-peel sessions 11/10/80
professionals-zaks milwaukee wi 2/11/81
professionals-toads place 1981
professionals-berkley ca 82(also has peel sessions 80 as well)
professionals-florintine gardens 4/30/82
professionals-club lingerie hollywood ca 5/82
professionals-jimmys new orleans 5/12/82
professionals-hittsville nj 6/10/82
professionals-washington 6/13/82
ramones donovan dining center providence ri 4/22/93
ramones-the club cambridge ma 5/12/76(liberated bootleg)
ramones-cbgbs 3/31/77
ramones cbgbs 10/27/77
ramones-4 acres utica ny 11/14/77
ramones-birthday bash bootleg whisky a gogo la ca 11/24/77
ramones-paradoso amsterdam 8/15/78
ramones-the roxy nyc 12/14/78(known as the riff randell tape)(all 1 track)
ramones-cahn aud northwestern univ evanston il 10/13/79
ramones-palladium ny ny 12/31/79
ramones-palalido milano italy 2/16/80(from master)
ramones-capitol theater sydney austrailia 7/8/80
ramones-in concert long island ny 6/20/82
ramones-1st ave minneappolis minnesota 7/27/86(all 1 track)
ramones-melkweg 8/5/86
ramones-octagon cntr shefield england 11/15/87(lib bootleg)
ramones-the channel boston ma 9/14/88
ramones-rfk stadium wa 6/3/95(all 1 track)
ramones-the palace hollywood ca 8/6/96(all 1 track)
rich kids-barbarollas 7/22/78
rich kids-reading 10/18/78
rudimentary peni-church hall norwich 1/16/82
ruts-strachdyde uni glasgow 11/3/79
ruts-paris theater 7/7/79(also has penetrations set)
ruts-marquee 7/19/79
sham 69-stockholm sweden 2/4/80
sin 34-devonshire downs northridge ca 4/17/87
snfu palisade garden 7/20/85
snfu-leeds uk 12/14/88
social distortion-the galaxy 1982
social distortion-empire concert hall cleveland oh 10/31/90
social distortion-anaheim ca 1/17/02
social distortion-anaheim ca 4/02/90
social distortion-anaheim ca  1/26/01
social distortion-baltimore md 8/3/92
social distortion-berkeley ca 10/10/92
social distortion-cal state 5/4/95
social distortion-chicago il 9/10/88
social distortion-sf ca 4/3/92
social distortion-sf ca 7/6/97
social distortion-seatle wa 7/10/97
social distortion-seattle wa 11/12/04
social distortion-sun valley ca 12/29/82
social distortion-ventura ca 8/10/91
social distortion-ventura ca 12/22/01
social distortion-santa ana ca 10/11/82
social distortion-fullerton ca 12/23/82
social distortion-pico rivera ca 1/22/83
social distortion-detroit mi-8/13/89
social distortion-detroit 5/5/90
social distortion-newport oh-2/1/91
social distortion-nyc 8/8/96
social distortion-san diego ca 8/19/94
social distortion-san diego ca 8/19/96
social distortion-san diego ca 10/2/93
social distortion
social distortion-midway stadium minnesota 7/17/97
social distortion-metropol pittsburg pa 2/3/97
social distortion-1st ave main room miineappolis mn 5/6/92
social distortion-the ritz ny 3/22/86
social distortion-safari sams huntington beach ca 7/21/86
social distortion-country club reseda ca 6/23/90
social distortion-kroq acousta christmas 2004
social distortion-the catalyst 9/14/03-aud
social distortion-the catalyst 9/14/03-snbrd
social distortion-pukkelpop fest hasselt belgium 8/8/05
social distortion-the warsaw brooklyn ny 10/11/06
social distortion-irving plaza ny ny 10/9/06
social distortion-tabernackle atl ga 10/25/06
social distortion -sunset station san antonio tx 11/3/06
social distortion-crystal ballroom portland oregon 7/9/06
suburban lawns signal hill ca 5/13/78
the freeze-crasch freiburg germany 10/6/91
tsol-whisky a gogo hollywood ca 7/4/81
tsol-the mercury cafe-denver co 3/30/83
tsol-the hitler room-denver co 4/1/83
tsol-olympic auditorium la ca 3/23/84
uk subs-mudd club goteburg sweden 7/22/83
uk subs goteburg sweden 12/1/81
uk subs-milan italy 2/16/80
void-2/13/83-9:30 club washington dc(all 1 track)
x-my fathers place-ny 11/11/83
x-russ millers,ca 12/24/83
x ray spex cbgbs
x ray spex-the roxy 77

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