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My Punk Rock Audio and Video Trading List

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MY OLD EMAIL OF was hacked and i can no longer access it.If we are currently working on a trade or we have traded in the past please contact me at
.If you get any emails from my old address delete them as it is not me.
if you have old punk videos on video cassette still and would like them transferred to dvd get in contact with me and we can work something out
this is my list of punk audio and video recordings.I am a pretty laid back trader,but i do have a few simple rules when asking for a trade.
1)If you contact me first and we have never traded before,i ask that you send first.Sorry but no exceptions to this one because i have been burned twice this year.
2)when trading dvds,i do not want anything sourced by mpeg/avi/divx and anything downloaded from youtube.I only want dvd sourced items.When trading audio recordings i only want lossless recordings burned dao.ABSOLUTELY NO MP3 SOURCED RECORDINGS
3)use quality media no generics or shiny tops.Alot of traders are picky about writing on the discs,but if you have good writing i dont mind
4)i trade for the following ratios 1 dvd-1dvd,1 cdr for 1 cdr and 1 dvd for 2 cdrs
if you have nothing to trade,i would consider trading for old original(no photo copys)flyers by the ramones,social distortion,all/descendents or any 70s early 80s flyers.I would also consider trading for stuff like shot glasses(must be able to show pics and send first),or just let me know what you have you never know what i may be interested in

last updated 2/13/2012

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